Small Cotton Bath Towel By Utopia Towels

Color: White
Dimension: 22 X 44 Inches
Material: Cotton
Fabric Type: Cotton
Gram Weight: 500 GSM
Features: Soft, Fluffy, Absorbent, Breathable, Double Stitched Hemmed Finish, Versatile, and Durable
Material Care Instructions: Machine Wash Separately, Use Delicate Detergent, Tumble Dry, Do Not Use Bleach, Fabric Softeners, and Iron as it May Damage its Quality
Quantity: 36 Pieces Per Carton
Usage: Perfect for Hotels, Motels, Guest Houses, Gyms, Beach’s, Pools, Spas and Salons
Origin: Pakistan
Delivery: Within 4-5 working days (Use Estimate Shipping for accurate shipping charges and time)



How refreshing it feels to wrap yourself in a soft, absorbent, fluffy bath towel after a warm shower! Made of 100% cotton fabric, these towels possess breathable characteristics which make them perfect for your hands and body. It is agreeable to touch, and is ideal for people with skin hypersensibility.

Being terry in nature, theses weaves are the most absorbent of all kind with loops on both sides that create extra surface area for completely drying off your hands and body.

Before drying your towels, toss them lightly to make sure that the fibers on the surface of the towels stay fluffy. After that, follow the instructions below to dry your towels:

– If you are using a dryer, use the high heat setting. Be careful though, you should not over-dry the towels. You should remove the towels from the dryer when they are 95% to 97% percent dry.

– Hang them up afterward in an area with good air flow. If towels are damp, you should never hang them over one another.

– Dry the towels immediately after washing them.

– It is best to dry your towels in direct sunlight. Do not use an iron on these towels.

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