Cotton Gusseted Pillow By Utopia Bedding

Color: Grey
Size: Queen 18 X 26 Inches
Material: Cotton
Feature: Plush fiber, soft, fluffy, guesseted, ease and comfort
Quantity: 3 piece per carton
Usage:Motels, Hotels, Guest Houses, Hostels and Homes, Hospitals
Origin: Pakistan
Delivery: Within 4-5 working days (Use Estimate Shipping for accurate shipping charges and time)



Plush Fiberfill

Our Plush, Fiberfill pillows provide you with a heavenly sleeping experience. It has been fluffed by top quality fiberfill, that fluffs up incredibly, to give you a cozy feel and a relaxing sleep. The 1200 grams fiber filling in each King sized pillow, ensures maximum comfort for any sleeping position. Moreover, they are breathable and can easily be shaped to provide support where you need it. Cuddle away with these soft, fluffy, fiber-filled pillows to indulge in a blissful sleep.

Fluffing the Pillows:

Please give 48-72 hours to the pillows to fully expand. You can also tab or press the pillows a few times to hasten the expansion. If your pillows still do not expand, please use the following methods to spring them up:

1. Put the Pillows in the Dryer with 2 Tennis Balls:

Start by placing your pillows in the dryer with 2 tennis balls (preferably wrapped in a cloth or socks separately). The tennis balls will hit the pillows, fluffing up the filling. Tumble dry on low for an hour to make sure your pillows become fluffier and softer.

2. Leave the Pillows in the Sun:

By placing the pillows in the sun for a few hours on a bright day will evaporate the moisture that builds up overnight, and the pillows will fluff up over the day. You can also hang the pillows outside on a clothesline if you have one.

Care Instructions:

Spot Clean

It is recommended to use a cloth or sponge to wipe off any stains in cold water.


After spin drying the pillows in the machine, take them out carefully. Shake or punch the pillows to dislodge any clumps inside.

The pillows could be air dried as well.

If you are using the machine for drying, make sure you use a drying bag or wrap the pillows in a towel. Also, set the dryer machine on sensitive or fluff setting without heat.

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